unicode issue

gentlestone tibor.beck at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 1 08:49:05 CEST 2009

>save in utf-8 the coding declaration also has to be utf-8

ok, I understand, but what's the problem? Unfortunately seems to be
the Python interactive
mode doesn't have unicode support. It recognize the latin-1 encoding

So I have 2 options, how to write doctest:
1. Replace native charaters with their encoded representation like
u"\u017dabovit\xe1 zmie\u0161an\xe1 ka\u0161a" instead of u"Žabovitá
zmiešaná kaša"
2. Use latin-1 encoding, where the file is saved in utf-8

The first is bad because doctest is a great documenttion tool and it
is propably the main reason I use python. And something like
u"\u017dabovit\xe1 zmie\u0161an\xe1 ka\u0161a" is not a best
documentation style. But the tests work.

The second is bad, because the declaration is incorrect and if I use
it in Django model declaration for example I got bad data in the

So what is the solution? Back to Java? :-)

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