Simple if-else question

Sion Arrowsmith sion at viridian.paintbox
Thu Oct 1 11:35:00 CEST 2009

MRAB  <python at> wrote:
>> [ for ... else ]
>The example that makes it clearest for me is searching through a list
>for a certain item and breaking out of the 'for' loop if I find it. If I
>get to the end of the list and still haven't broken out then I haven't
>found the item, and that's when the else statement takes effect:

What works for me is thinking about the while ... else construct
and comparing it to if ... else:

if x:
    print "x is True"
    print "x is False"

while x:
    print "x is True"
    x -= 1 # or something
    # A break here exits the loop with x True
    print "x is False"

then the step from while to for is obvious.


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