ActivePython vs Python 3.1.1 for OSX?

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Thu Oct 1 13:42:10 CEST 2009

On Oct 1, 11:28 am, srid <sridhar.ra... at> wrote:
> On Sep 30, 4:51 pm, Robert Hicks <sigz... at> wrote:
> > I am just curious which I should use. I am going to start learning
> > Python soon. Are they comparable and I just do a "eenie meenie minie
> > moe"?
> ActivePython is essentially same as the installers from -
> but it also comes with additional documentation and tutorials, such
> as:
> Python FAQs
> A snapshot of the Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs) (For the most
> recent version, refer to the PEPs on .)
> Dive Into Python (A tutorial for programmers)
> Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
> Also note that 2.6.x is probably the best bet if you are going to use
> some 3rd party libraries (after you learn the basics of Python) ..
> because 3.x does not have many of those libraries ported yet.
> Further, early next week - a new release of ActivePython-2.6 will be
> made available that will include, for the first time, a new Python
> package manager (PyPM) from ActiveState that makes it easier to
> install packages from having to compile them
> yourself). This is similar to PPM from ActivePerl.
> -srid

Thats awesome news.

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