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Thu Oct 1 16:17:38 CEST 2009

On 05:46 am, jackdied at wrote:
>On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 1:22 AM, Lanny < at> 
>>I've been thinking about putting together a text based RPG written
>>fully in Python, possibly expanding to a MUD system. I'd like to know
>>if anyone feels any kind of need for this thing or if I'd be wasting
>>my time, and also if anyone would be interested in participating,
>>because of the highly modular nature of any RPG it should make for
>>easy cooperation.
>You might not be aware that twisted (the popular asynchronous TCP/IP
>server) was started as a MUD project.  It grew to do many other things
>but Gylph still hacks on his MUD code in fits and starts (interesting
>stuff too, not your typical LPC/Mush/MOO/Diku codebase).  There are
>also a couple pure-python MUD clients if you're into that kind of
>I still follow this stuff in passing because I learned more in
>undergrad hacking LPC than I did in my classes proper (probably
>because I spent hundreds of hours in class but thousands of hours
>writing LPC).

This project's current home is 
<>.  Unfortunately, there's 
not much there. :)  I'm hoping to give a talk on Imaginary at PyCon next 
year.  Part of my preparation for that will be writing a lot more 
documentation, improving the web site, and generally making things 
friendlier towards newcomers.


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