numpy f2py question

George Trojan george.trojan at
Fri Oct 2 22:41:15 CEST 2009

I have a problem with numpy's vectorize class and f2py wrapped old 
FORTRAN code. I found that the function _get_nargs() in 
site-packages/numpy/lib/ tries to find the number of 
arguments for a function from an error message generated when the 
function is invoked with no arguments. However, with numpy 1.3.0 the 
error message is different that the code expects. Is there any known 
solution? I don';t know where the message is coming from, a cursory 
check of numpy files did not yield any hits. A ctypes issue?
I did find an  unanswered seven weeks old related posting 
though I don't think this is gfortran related. Mine is 4.1.2.


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