Haskell's new logo, and the idiocy of tech geekers

Dave Searles searles at hoombah.nurt.bt.uk
Sat Oct 3 06:41:22 CEST 2009

Xah Lee wrote:
> Haskell has a new logo.  [Blam! It fucking blows because lambda means
> pure functional]

A truly pure functional language would be useless for anything but 
programming space heaters.

Lambda seems not inappropriate on any language that strongly supports a 
functional style. Schemes and Clojure certainly do, and Haskell 
certainly does. Common Lisp is a bit less strongly 
functionally-oriented, but it still supports it better than, say, C or 
Java, by having first-class functions and closures.

In fact the general pattern seems to be that lambda crops up in 
languages that have first-class functions, which not coincidentally tend 
to also have an anonymous function operator, often called lambda.

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