Client-server PDF creation with xtopdf, XML-RPC, ReportLab and Python

vasudevram vasudevram at
Sun Oct 4 16:38:50 CEST 2009

Hi group,

I've released a software package named PDFXMLRPC. It consists of a
server and a client. Using them, you can do client-server PDF creation
from text, over the Internet or your intranet. It runs over XML-RPC
and uses HTTP as the transport. It can work with any available port,
including the standard HTTP port 80, or any other allowed and
available one.

The server is written in Python and uses xtopdf (also written by me),
XML-RPC (from the standard Python library), ReportLab (the open source
version) and Python.

The client is written in Python and uses XML-RPC.

PDFXMLRPC can be downloaded from here:

That zip file contains the server, the client, a README.txt file and
the license.

(NOTE: The README.txt file contains a line saying to download the
PDFXMLRPC package from
- that line is a mistake, left over from an earlier unreleased
version. If you have the README.txt file, it means that you have
already downloaded and extracted the correct file - which is, so just ignore that wrong line. I'll update the
README.txt file to correct that error soon.)

The README.txt file gives details on how to install the software
needed, and how to run it.

PDFXMLRPC is released under the BSD license.

I welcome any feedback on it.

I would like to thank the Python and ReportLab guys for creating great

Vasudev Ram
Dancing Bison Enterprises

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