Skeletal animation

AK Eric warpcat at
Mon Oct 5 03:27:37 CEST 2009

Building on what others have said and giving a +1 to Carl:
I work daily in Maya doing character setup and rigging.  As far as
doing it straight in Python, again, like others, take a look at PyGame
or Blender.  I think the main question is:  Do you want skeletal
animation, or do you want skeletal animation specifically in Python?
While Python is heavily used in Blender, I'm not sure how much of the
foundation it actually makes.  Take a look ta this PyGame:
Of course PyGame is just a wrapper for SDL
Joints and skeletons are abstract concepts that sure, you could do
with Python.  The question is how you want to render that to the
screen, and that's where the other apps come in.

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