Skeletal animation

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On Oct 5, 8:05 am, Manowar <r_marcanto... at> wrote:
> I am new to pyton and have asked this question several times the
> answer is always not sure.
> Here is my question sekeltal animation ( bone animation) is it
> possible with python? What i want to develop is an aquarium in
> realtime, skeletal animation, all the movements will be from
> programming., no keyframes  let me know if it is possible with python

I found this googling "python skeletal model animation", it sounds
like it would make a great point to start from:

"The point of this project is to build a complete working example of
the UMN Skeletal Animation package which can be freely distributed
under the Croquet license. It appears that the biggest part of this
project is to create one or more model meshes, create one or more
animation sequences for the meshes, and export the meshes, all related
textures and materials, and all animations in the Ogre XML format.

"Blender3D version 2.44 will be used for this example. The Ogre Meshes
Exporter was chosen as it appears to be comprehensive and current.
This exporter requires Python 2.5 to be installed, not just the cut-
down version of Python included with Blender3D. While I was at it, I
also grabbed a download of Python-Ogre because it has lots of
interesting examples, although it will not be directly used by this
project. At least that was the original plan - actually the binary<-
>XML translator program was used to translate a couple of free models
from Psionic. So now there are three rigged, skinned, and animated
models available; the Star model built during this project, and two
models made available by Psionic and translated to Ogre XML for this
project, with his permission."

This page also lists a number of packages with Python-bindings that
list "skeletal animation" amongst their feature sets:

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