some site login problem help plz..

james27 southpolepen at
Mon Oct 5 09:54:09 CEST 2009

im new to python.
i have some problem with mechanize.
before i was used mechanize with no problem.
but i couldn't success login with some site.
for several days i was looked for solution but failed.
my problem is , login is no probelm but can't retrieve html source code from
opened site.
actually only can read some small html code, such like below.

<script language=javascript>

i want to retrive full html source code..but i can't . i was try with twill
and mechanize and urllib and so on.
i have no idea.. anyone can help me?

here is full source code.
and Thanks in advance!

# -*- coding: cp949 -*-
import sys,os
import mechanize, urllib
import cookielib
import re
import BeautifulSoup

params = urllib.urlencode({'url':'',
rq = mechanize.Request("", params)
rs = mechanize.urlopen(rq)
data =   
print data     
rq = mechanize.Request("")
rs = mechanize.urlopen(rq)
data =
print data 
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