regex (?!..) problem

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at
Mon Oct 5 10:02:57 CEST 2009

On Monday 05 October 2009, Carl Banks wrote:
> Why do you have to use a regexp at all?

not one but many with arbitrary content.

please read my answer to Stefan. Take a look
at the regexes I am using:

moreover they are saved in a data base. I would
not want to do that with python code.

Actually I already did that - I defined Python classes
which made it possible to write a rule as (example)

self.mjRules.append(Rule('Fourfold Plenty', 'PKong()*4 + Pair()', 


this was then executed with eval. But eval seems unsafe
and some rules were simply not writable that way without
specialized hard wired python code. That is not what I
envision. Also regex turned out to have about the same
speed IIRC


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