Conversion of npyscreen module to python 3 -- help!

Nicholas nicholas.cole at
Mon Oct 5 11:54:06 CEST 2009

Dear Pythoners,

Like a loyal python coder, I was attempting to convert a library to
python 3.  I have been stung in various ways by the new import
semantics - the tests that used to live happily within the module have
now had to be moved elsewhere. So be it.

But even though I have removed all the obvious things that are causing
it to break, and even refactored the whole file-scheme of the module
to make conversion more straight-forward, I'm still unable to get the
code to work.

I am clearly committing some horrible sin that works well in python 2
but which doesn't in python 3.  Despite reading the Release notes and
PEPs over and over, though, I can't see what is wrong.

If anyone could spare the time to have a quick look at the code at

over and provide enlightenment, I would be extremely grateful.  (the
source code in the hg archive is more recent than the package for

Best wishes,


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