Skeletal animation

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On Oct 4, 8:38 pm, Carl Banks <pavlovevide... at> wrote:
> On Oct 4, 5:16 pm, Manowar <r_marcanto... at> wrote:
> > On Oct 4, 6:38 pm, TerryP <bigboss1... at> wrote:
> > > On Oct 4, 10:05 pm, Manowar <r_marcanto... at> wrote:
> > > > I am new to pyton and have asked this question several times the
> > > > answer is always not sure.
> > > > Here is my question sekeltal animation ( bone animation) is it
> > > > possible with python? What i want to develop is an aquarium in
> > > > realtime, skeletal animation, all the movements will be from
> > > > programming., no keyframes  let me know if it is possible with python
> > > > Manowar
> > > Depending on how much code you want to write, you'll probably want to
> > > check out something like pygame or python-ogre
> > Yeah, i know about those but i just really need to know if it is
> > possible to do in python
> > if it is what about some tutorials on bone animation?
> It's possible.  I can't really recommend a tutorial because I don't
> know where you are coming from, and it is a very complex subject.
> What do know about 3D animation so far?  Have you done 3D animation in
> other languages?  Have you done 3D mesh modeling with a tool like 3DS
> Max or Blender?  What is your mathematical background (especially in
> linear algrebra)?  Please help us help you by providing us details on
> what you know already and what you want to do.  You won't get much
> help by asking simple yes/no questions.
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Let me tell you in more detail what i want maybe i am not explaining
it correctly ( i will look at those links) I have been using Blender
for years. I know animation but not an expert. If i make an aquarium i
want the fish to move on their own with their own A.I. (Self-
contained fish.) To make it clearer if i put a rock in it's path, the
fish will move around the rock and if a predator comes into the scene
the fish will scatter away at a high speed then return to normal when
the predator goes. I know this can be done in C++ I won't go into why
i am not using c++ just need to know if i can manipulate the bones in
realtime with python. can't find any info on that but someone must
know how to do it in python. Don't want keyframes just want true bone


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