organizing your scripts, with plenty of re-use

Buck workitharder at
Mon Oct 5 19:42:13 CEST 2009

> With the package layout, you would just do:
>    from parrot.sleeping import sleeping_in_a_bed
>    from parrot.feeding.eating import eat_cracker
> This is really much more straightforward than you are making it out to be.

As in the OP, I need things to "Just Work" without installation
The reason for this is that I'm in a large corporate environment
servicing many groups with their own custom environments.

Your solution requires work and knowledge on the user's part, but Stef
seems to be actually solving the complexity problem. It may seem
trivial to you, but it's beyond many people's grasp and brings the
usability and reliability of the system way down.

Like Stef, I was unable to grasp how to properly use python packages
in my environment even after reading the documentation repeatedly over
the course of several months.

The purpose of this thread is to discover and discuss how to use
packages in a user-space (as opposed to python-installation)

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