Pool module -- does map pre-assign tasks to processes?

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Mon Oct 5 20:14:35 CEST 2009

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Luca  <luca.de.alfaro at gmail.com> wrote:
>I would like to use the Pool module, but my tasks take sometimes
>unpredictably different time to complete.  The simplest way to write
>the code would be to put all task descriptions in an array, then call
>p = Pool(8)
>p.map(f, a)
>But I don't want to preassign process 0 with elements a[0], a[8], a
>[16],  process 1 with elements a[1], a[9], a[17], and so forth.
>Rather, I would like all tasks to be put into a queue, and I would
>like the processes to each time grab the next task to be done, and do
>it.  This would ensure fairly equal loading.
>My question is: does the map() method of Pool pre-assign which task
>gets done by each process, or is this done at runtime, on a get-first-
>task-to-be-done basis?

You can probably get what you want by setting chunksize to 1.
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