'Once' properties.

menomnon patf at well.com
Tue Oct 6 04:56:29 CEST 2009

Does python have a ‘once’ (per class) feature?

‘Once’, as I’ve know it is in Eiffel.  May be in Java don’t.

The first time you instantiate a given class into an object it
constructs, say, a dictionary containing static information.  In my
case static is information that may change once a week at the most and
there’s no need to be refreshing this data during a single running of
the program (currently maybe 30 minutes).

So you instantiate the same class into a second object, but instead of
going to the databases again and recreating the same dictionary a
second time, you get a pointer or reference to the one already created
in the first object – copies into the second object that is.  And the
dictionary, no matter how many instances of the object you make, is
always the same one from the first object.

So, as we put it, once per class and not object.

Saves on both time and space.

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