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Wed Oct 7 12:46:59 CEST 2009

Good morning all!

I am trying to build a data matrix, but I am not able either to write  
to file with a proper structure nor to get the data from the matrix.

I want to sort some music by similarity content, and I just have the  
indexes of the playlist like this:

dm = numpy.array(songs)

[0 4 2 1 3]
[1 2 0 4 3]
[2 1 0 4 3]
[3 2 1 0 4]
[4 0 1 2 3]

Now, I want to keep the same format but with the names of the songs,  
something like this:


['100.mp3\n' '10008.mp3' '10005.mp3\n' '10001.mp3\n' '10006.mp3\n'
  '10001.mp3\n' '10005.mp3\n' '100.mp3\n' '10008.mp3' '10006.mp3\n'
  '10005.mp3\n' '10001.mp3\n' '100.mp3\n' '10008.mp3' '10006.mp3\n'
  '10006.mp3\n' '10005.mp3\n' '10001.mp3\n' '100.mp3\n' '10008.mp3'
  '10008.mp3' '100.mp3\n' '10001.mp3\n' '10005.mp3\n' '10006.mp3\n']

But there is no way either I can access to the data... because there  
are strings, or save them in matrix format! I could not find anything  
in the documentation about this! any hint would be very welcome! thank  
you for your time!

Best regards,
Bea Mora

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