best vi / emacs python features

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at
Wed Oct 7 18:44:03 CEST 2009

OdarR wrote:
> hello,
> * this is not a troll *
> which kind of help you have with your favorite editor ?
> personnally, I find emacs very nice, in the current state of my
> knowledge, when I need to reindent the code.
> you know how this is critical in python...:-)
> I don't use other python-mode features for the moment, maybe you have
> some advices.
> I used with success an Xemacs on Solaris, as well as a Aquamacs on
> Mac.
> For the vi/vim guys, explain us the best features this editor give you
> in your py files !
> thanks,
> Olivier
When opposing vi to emacs, there's is no possibility you get 
constructive and objective answer, because basically, what can do with 
one, you can also do it with the other.

Being a vi fan, I can just tell you that emacs is for loosers, and no 
one will dare to challenge this.

vi/emacs is like choosing between the Celtics or the Lakers, there is no 
reason for that, the fun part resides in being totally devoted to your 
choice :o)
For my part I never switched to emacs cause I was tired of getting 
syntax error with ':w' inserted everywhere in my code. Bad habits are 

One feature I have that emacs don't is that I'm able to efficiently edit 
a file on a remote machine with vim on a terminal (without graphical 
interface), and I'm using it. Apart from that, both solutions are 
efficient. I would add that inside a company, it is a good idea to use 
the same editor as you can share knowledge, macro, plugins and so on.


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