best vi / emacs python features

OdarR olivier.darge at
Wed Oct 7 18:58:36 CEST 2009

On 7 oct, 18:44, Jean-Michel Pichavant <jeanmic... at> wrote:
> Being a vi fan, I can just tell you that emacs is for loosers, and no
> one will dare to challenge this.

vi is very good for newbees, I recommend it.

> vi/emacs is like choosing between the Celtics or the Lakers, there is no
> reason for that, the fun part resides in being totally devoted to your
> choice :o)
> For my part I never switched to emacs cause I was tired of getting
> syntax error with ':w' inserted everywhere in my code. Bad habits are
> sticky.

just use the other symetric part of your brain.

> One feature I have that emacs don't is that I'm able to efficiently edit
> a file on a remote machine with vim on a terminal (without graphical
> interface), and I'm using it. Apart from that, both solutions are

emacs has the same efficiency on a terminal.
or maybe I don't understand your sentence.

> efficient. I would add that inside a company, it is a good idea to use
> the same editor as you can share knowledge, macro, plugins and so on.

I never used macro with vi or emacs.
I shared know-how for vi or emacs.
I worked in companies full of talented people, open to new
technologies, no issues mixing both editors.
and don't speak of UltraEdit yet :)

Apart of trolling which is also an activity I like,
what are the features vim proposes to Python ?


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