best vi / emacs python features

OdarR olivier.darge at
Wed Oct 7 20:12:39 CEST 2009

On 7 oct, 19:29, Tim Chase <python.l... at> wrote:
> Perhaps this is a reference to the alt/meta/control/buckey/super
> key-chords that emacs is infamous for using that don't always get
> reliably transmitted by all terminal-emulation programs and
> consoles.  It was one of my nudging factors towards vi (and later
> vim), because I occasionally used some terminal software in which
> alt or shift+control+alt (and other such combinations) weren't
> detected.  Never had that problem with vi/vim.  And when all else
> fails, I can usually fall back to ed in a pinch ;-)
> -tkc

yes, this is true that emacs needs ctrl and meta key.
two keys for lots of combinations :-)
Like with vi when I began, I need a cheat list of keystrokes for

ctrl is ok. Meta can always be used with ESC.

if you really need to stay on a unknown terminal for some weeks, it is
not complicated to copy/paste your favorite .emacs file (less than 10
lines is for me sufficient). It's just a matter of organization.


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