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Sorry for the toppost, I'm on a mobile, but if I'm understanding you then
you might want to try graphine- its a graph theory library with experimental
dot language support, which you can use to draw your graphs. Give it a try-

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 Hi everyone

Please could someone tell me of any libraries that you could use to make use
of graphical nodes in python.
 Each node would hold data and properties.
I am trying to achieve a similar effect, as in the application spoken about
If you have seen an application called Nuke, by the foundry, you will see
what I mean. It uses graphical nodes
such as rectangles etc (similar to UML) to link operations on images
together with arrows etc.
I know that Nuke is made using the Qt toolkit, so maybe someone could tell
me what classes were probably used
to make this node based interface. Maybe the QGraphicsItem and
QGraphicsScene classes? It looks cool
so if anyone has any ideas on how to do something like this, it would be


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