windows side-by-side configuration woes on windows HPC

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Thu Oct 8 22:12:26 CEST 2009

Nick Touran wrote:
> Copying my local copy of Python 2.6 to a Windows HPC 2008 system is giving
> dll side-by-side configuration errors for some third-party packages
> (matplotlib, pyMSSQL, in particular). I understand that there is a tradition
> of Python supporting XCOPY deployment, and would really like to be able to
> just copy my C:\python26 folder to the network drive and have it run on the
> server.
> I got around a related issue ( just by
> upgrading to 2.6.3 and was able to import socket and mpi4py and everything,
> except matplotlib and pyMSSQL, that is.
> I also understand that if I were to install the MS Visual Studio 2008
> redistribution package on the server that everything would be fine because
> the modules just can't find the proper C run-time DLL. The problem with that
> is two-fold: I don't have admin rights on the machine and there are over
> 1000 machines on the cluster and I don't think the admin is going to install
> that on all of them.
> So is there any way to set an environmental variable or something to get
> these packages to know where to find the proper msvcr90.dll, akin to setting
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH in Linux? Is there another solution?

I assume this is related to this new problem:

Manifests were meant to solve some of the DLL mess... apparently they
cause even more grief.

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