Persistent Distributed Objects

John Haggerty bouncyinc at
Fri Oct 9 07:11:04 CEST 2009

I am interested in seeing how it would be possible in python to have
persistent objects (basically be able to save objects midway through a
computation, etc) and do so across multiple computers.

Something that would allow for memory, disk space, processing power, etc to
be distributed across the nodes not just for number crunching.

So for example a warehouse program started up on 3 machines one for adding
orders, one for searching for orders, one for organizing the warehouse and
them running on a different machine with a single interface.

I've seen evidence about this being done wrt what looks like insanely
complex stuff on this list but I'm wondering if there is something to do
this with any number of nodes and just farm out random classes/objects to
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