ANN: yappi 0.1 beta : Yet Another Python Profiler

k3xji sumerc at
Sat Oct 10 12:58:41 CEST 2009

Hi all,

After implementing a game server on which 100k people playing games
per-day, it turns out to be that continuous and efficient profiling is
key to improve an long-running applications like these. With this idea
in mind, I am motivated to write a profiler. I am not a Python expert
or even close to it but thanks to the ease of language and C API, I
can come up with a source code profiler with multithreading support.
Thanks for all the people here for answering my silly questions.

I have tested the profiler in our game server for about 3 days without
any issues but please use it at your own risk and note that this is
still beta. Expect silly errors and if possible, help me to fix

Get more information: (thanks to Google Code)


Not to mention any comment/idea/curse is welcome.

Sumer Cip

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