An assessment of Tkinter and IDLE

r rt8396 at
Mon Oct 12 03:08:22 CEST 2009

A few things i forgot to mention...

 Things i forgot... IDLE Editor
1. class and path browsers should be available in a tabbed widget
located in the left side of the Editor window. Should also have a show/
hide button or have them contained in a paned window for user reszing.

 Things i forgot... Tkinter
1. Class naming makes no sense...?
    Text should be TextBox
    Radiobutton should be RadioButton
    Checkbutton should be CheckButton
    ListBox should be ListBox
    (but at least Text should be Textbox!)

2. All text related widgets (Text, Listbox, Entry, Label, CheckButton,
RadioButton,  should have a w.sets(setstr) and w.gets(getstr) methods
along with their .insert() method. The settr/getter methods should
take any argument in the form of [str, lst, tuple] and insert the
lines automatically.  Why you ask. Well because i hate calling...

  >>> w.delete(start, stop)
  >>> w.insert(END, str)
  #-- or even worse
  >>> for x in collection:
          w.insert(END, x)
  #-- this should be the correct ways
  >>> w.sets([1,2,3])
  >>> w.sets((1,2,3))
  >>> w.sets(line1\nline2\nline3\n) #splits lines for listbox

thats all for now folks!

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