An assessment of Tkinter and IDLE

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Mon Oct 12 09:29:41 CEST 2009

On Oct 12, 12:43 am, TerryP <bigboss1... at> wrote:
> On Aug 27, 9:22 pm, r <rt8... at> wrote:
> > *Too many noobs start out with the "from Tkinter import *" idiom,
> 'import Tkinter as tk', that I like -- my fingers are lazier then the
> mind ;).
> When I see the from whatever import *; I generally regard it in one of
> two Things: Good Thing or Bad Thing.

Obviously you have never used packages that are meant for global
importing or you would know how such systems are designed.  OpenGL is
a good example. OpenGL has over 3600 functions and constants all of
which start with "gl" and GL respectivly. However the Tkinter package
is not a good candidate for this in real use cases. Not only do you
have all the widget classes and functions you have the constants
imported too. ~180 names are imported this way, far too many when not
protected by a naming convention! However learning to use Tkinter for
the beginner is much eaiser when using global imports and i think that
is OK. But very shortly after it is a good idea to get in the habit of
quialifing names with tk.thisorthat().

> I agree, there should be some reason to use IDLE instead of your
> systems command prompt ;).
> On my Pentium D machine, under Windows NT 5.1 (XP), just *moving* the
> IDLE shell window around causes taskmgr to report double the CPU
> usage, not to mention the choppy feeling it produces. I assume that is
> a Tkinter problem. I doubt splitting it the way you describe would
> make it any slower.

Sarcasm anyone? Yes IDLE is not meant for writing million line scripts
but who would want to anyway? And I doubt leaving it in such a
terrible condition will help anyone either. You may find the IDLE and
Tkinter useless but many people find both to be indispensable
(especially noobs). I think this is a case of champagne taste's on a
whiskey budget for you friend!

> > CLIPBOARD!!"""
> No, that is probably wrong.

No it's exactly right and  a one-liner to fix. And btw: pass the
reefer because it ain't just whiskey clouding your mind fella! Why do
you reply to a thread about a subject you obviously don't care about?
If you've never used Tkinter or IDLE (and never will) you have no
reason to reply except for the trolling aspect?

good day!

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