Python-3.2 (SVN) bug [was syntax question]

Mark Dickinson dickinsm at
Mon Oct 12 12:32:46 CEST 2009

On Oct 12, 7:55 am, Helmut Jarausch <jarau... at>
> I wrote
> I'm trying to build the recent Python-3.2a (SVN).
> It fails in
> Lib/  (line 87)
> 85  def group(*choices): return '(' + '|'.join(choices) + ')'
> 86  def any(*choices): return group(*choices) + '*'
> 87  def maybe(*choices): return group(*choices) + '?'
> with: TypeError: group() argument after ** must be a mapping, not tuple

It looks like there's already a tracker issue open for this (or
for something that looks an awful lot like this issue):

but work on that bug has stalled, because core developers have
been unable to reproduce the problem.

It would be really helpful if you could add a comment to that
bug report, giving as much system information (including
compiler information) as possible.  If you can come up with any
ideas about what might be causing the failure, that would also
be useful.

Like Antoine, I'd be inclined to suspect that it's a compiler bug,
but it could also be caused by some not-quite-standards-compliant
C code in Python somewhere. What happens if you turn compiler
optimizations off?  (E.g., by editing to remove all
occurrences of '-O3' and then rerunning autoconf and autoheader.)



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