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Jorgen Grahn grahn+nntp at
Mon Oct 12 15:38:22 CEST 2009

On Wed, 2009-10-07, OdarR wrote:
> hello,
> * this is not a troll *
> which kind of help you have with your favorite editor ?

Syntax highlighting and help with the indentation (move to the
right after an else:, keep in the same column normally, etc).
Nothing else specific to Python.

> personnally, I find emacs very nice, in the current state of my
> knowledge, when I need to reindent the code.
> you know how this is critical in python...:-)

Moving a block one step right or left?  Oh, I use that, too.

I am also a heavy user of dabbrev-expand (that's an Emacs term, but
it exists in Vim too).  Also some other vital features which aren't
specific to Python. The best help an editor can give is language-


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