Daemon call python program

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On Mon, 2009-10-12, §ä´M¦Û¤vªº¤@¤ù¤Ñ wrote:
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> : I have a daemon process which will call a python program.
> : What do I do if I want to dump the exception when the python program exist
> : by uncaught exception.
> : Thanks a lot!
> By the way, the python program is multi-thread

It doesn't really matter if it's multi-threaded, or even that it is
Python. You would have the same problem with any program which may
print stuff to standard output or standard error, and/or exit.

I think it depends completely on the design of your daemon, and why
it calls another program.  And what it does while that other program
is running.

inetd/xinetd on Unix is one example, but they feed the program's output
(all of it, both standard output and standard error, IIRC) to the remote
client. Same with CGI, I think.


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