RabbitMQ vs ApacheQpid (AMQP)

jacopo jacopo.pecci at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 11:42:03 CEST 2009

Short question:
I am considering two solutions for a distributed system:  either
RabbitMQ with py-amqplib or ApacheQpid with its own set of API. I
wander is any of you would be able to compare the two. In particular,
I would expect that since Apache comes with its own documented Python
API this would be sufficient to put it as a first choice.

I have a main machine dispatching heavy calculations to different
machines, collecting the results, performing some calculation on the
merged results and starting all over again with fresher data. I
implemented a first solution with Twisted PB, then I decided it was
more flexible to rely on an AMQP system and I started looking at
RabbitMQ with txAMQP . Now I am getting really frustrated with the
complexity of Twisted and the reactor, I am realizing that probably I
don’t need to handle asynchronicity. Some degree of asynchronicity is
already handled by the Messaging system and I don’t need to take care
of it in my components (they keep waiting for a message, when they get
it they are fully engaged in processing and they cannot do much more).


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