How to run python script in emacs

rustom rustompmody at
Tue Oct 13 14:12:49 CEST 2009

On Sep 26, 8:54 pm, devilkin <devilsp... at> wrote:
> I'm just starting learning python, and coding in emacs. I usually
> split emacs window into two, coding in one, and run script in the
> other, which is not very convenient. anyone can help me with it? is
> there any tricks like emacs short cut?

> also please recommand some emacs plug-ins for python programming, i'm
> also beginner in emacs.currently i'm only using python.el.
python.el comes with emacs
python-mode.el comes from python
Because of some emacs politics the first ships with emacs although
most uses prefer the second.
Note 1. The key bindings are different
Note 2. Does not work with python3. See my post

> Are any plugins supply code folding and autocomplete?
See rope if you want
but its an installation headache (requires pymacs bleeding edge
version etc)
I suggest you just get used to python-mode first (C-c ! and C-c C-c)
and then explore these questions a bit later.

> BTW, I'm not a english native speaker, any grammer mistakes, please
> correct them. :)

grammer is spelt grammar :-)

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