ask help for a proble with invalid syntax

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Wed Oct 14 00:43:41 CEST 2009

On 2009-10-13 17:09 PM, leo zhao wrote:
> I  try to a run a python numpy programe, however the python can't run
> this program.
> my python version is 2.6.2 , numpy  version is 1.3.0, however, the
> program can run in previous numpy version(1.2.0), who can help me to
> solve the problem, I will deeply appreciate!
> the program is below:

> the hint is the small window at python:
> syntax error:
> There' an error in your program: invalid syntax.

Always copy-and-paste the complete error message. Do not try to paraphrase or 
retype the message.

Your problem is this line:

         self.demand_veector = array([0.0,0.0]

It should be this:

         self.demand_veector = array([0.0,0.0])

Robert Kern

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