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Wed Oct 14 15:59:20 CEST 2009

On Wed, 2009-10-14, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> inaf <cem.ezberci <at>> writes:
>> Good point. I failed to compare the CPU power on these machines.. 32
>> bit linux box I have is 2666 Mhz vs the Solaris zone is 1415 Mhz.. I
>> guess that explains :) Thank you for the tip..
> You have to compare not only CPU frequencies but the CPU models.

Yes, at least that.  Megahertz figures have been useless for decades,
except in advertising.

> Recently Sun has been selling CPUs optimized for multi-threading (e.g. the
> "UltraSPARC T2" or Niagara CPUs) which have, by design, very poor
> single-threaded performance. If your Solaris zone uses such a CPU then a 6-8x
> difference in single-threaded performance compared to a modern Intel
> or AMD CPU
> is totally expected.

(Had to Google it. A "Solaris Zone" is apparently some kind of
virtualization thing, with low CPU overhead.)

s/multi-threading/multi-programming/ I suppose. I certainly hope you
can still get performance while running many separate true processes in


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