Are there any modules for IRC, that work with Python 3.1?

Jorgen Grahn grahn+nntp at
Wed Oct 14 18:13:32 CEST 2009

On Sat, 2009-10-10, TerryP wrote:
> Does anyone know of any modules for dealing with the IRC protocol,
> that will work with Python 3.1? It doens't have to be super great,
> just less time consuming then playing with sockets directly (and obv.
> stable). The only module in my systems package manager is irclib for
> Python 2.6. I can live with writing code for Python 2.4+ easily but,
> ahem, I think it would be wise to write new code around Python 3.1
> instead...

Even though it is not widely used yet, and the module you want to use
doesn't support it?  I assume you have installed Python 3.x manually
too (my Debian 'stable' is only at Python 2.5 at the moment -- it
probably takes lots of work to bring in Python 3 without losing
important packages).

Or you can ask the irclib maintainers if they have something. If not,
you can do the work for them, after you have convinced yourself it's
good enough (by starting to use it with Python 2.x).

I don't have any more substantial advice, sorry.

> # circumstances
> Having recently been put into search for a new IRC client, and
> everything I've thrown in the cauldron having become a
> disappointment... let's just say, I've come to a conclusion -- either
> I'm going to install ircII and live with whatever it has to offer(!),
> or hash out something quickly in Python that fits my needs. If I'm
> considering writing an IRC client, it makes sense to check for modules
> implementing the protocol before I have to roll something myself, but
> nothing seems to fit the bill.
> (For those that don't know it, ircII is a really freaking old Internet
> Rely Chat client ;)

I would have thought (given the number of hackers who use it a lot)
there were lots of good IRC clients, but I don't use it myself, so ...


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