reading joystick data

Ronn Ross ronn.ross at
Thu Oct 15 14:47:00 CEST 2009


I'm using PyUSB 0.4.2 to interact with a Microsoft Sindwinder joystick. I'm
using python 2.6 on windows XP. With the code snippet below I'm able to find
usb device currently plugged into my computer. Now I would like to actually
tap into the data that to joystick is providing to the system. For now I
just want to watch the data and see what it looks like as I move the
joystick around. Does anyone know a good tutorial, or can point me in the
right direction?

import usb
for bus in usb.busses():
    for dev in bus.devices:
        print "Bus %s Device %s: ID %04x:%04x %s" % (bus.dirname,
dev.filename, dev.idVendor, dev.idProduct,,30))

Bus bus-0 Device \\.\libusb0-0005--0x04f2-0xb071: ID 04f2:b071 CNF7129
Bus bus-0 Device \\.\libusb0-0006--0x045e-0x0038: ID 045e:0038 Microsoft
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