Problem with character encoding in commandline

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Thu Oct 15 18:54:59 CEST 2009

Dear all,
I have a strange problem that I am not able to solve myself.
I have written a little Python script to download image from, 
now, if I call it from the python environment  it works, if I call it 
from Windows console it doesn't works

If I open the prompt and run python  I call the function:
(the code is at the end of message)
 >>> lastfm.decodeArgs("é")  (e acute è in html)
I obtain this result:
that is the correct output.

if I open the windows console (cmd) without enter in Python envinroment, 
and I call script from commandline: é

the result is:

that is not the same and I don't understand the reason.

If I give the command : chcp from console I have:
Active code page: 850
the same code table that I see using the  sys.stdin.encoding inside 
Python envinroment.
Someone know  where I make wrong ?


My code (only the parts that not works)

import sys
from urllib import quote_plus
def  decodeArgs(s):
	return quote_plus(s.decode(sys.stdin.encoding).encode("utf-8"))
if __name__ == '__main__':
	print decodeArgs(args)

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