set using alternative hash function?

Anthony Tolle anthony.tolle at
Thu Oct 15 20:10:23 CEST 2009

On Oct 15, 1:49 pm, Ethan Furman <et... at> wrote:
> I'm still not sure I understand your concern about the values in a set,
> though.  Sets keep the first object of a given key, dicts keep the last
> object of a given key; in both cases, all other objects with the same
> key are lost.
> So is that the behavior you're wanting, keeping the first object and
> discarding all others?  Or is there something else I'm still missing?

I think that without a practical example of what this would be used
for, we're all going to be a little lost on this one.

So far, we've not seen the original problem, only the author's
preferred method for solving it.  My guess is there are other, more
pythonic ways to solve the original problem.

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