Are there any modules for IRC, that work with Python 3.1?

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Fri Oct 16 00:36:20 CEST 2009

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TerryP  <bigboss1964 at> wrote:
>Does anyone know of any modules for dealing with the IRC protocol,
>that will work with Python 3.1? It doens't have to be super great,
>just less time consuming then playing with sockets directly (and obv.
>stable). The only module in my systems package manager is irclib for
>Python 2.6. I can live with writing code for Python 2.4+ easily but,
>ahem, I think it would be wise to write new code around Python 3.1

Why do you think that would be wise?  If library writers haven't upgraded
their libraries to 3.1, shouldn't that be a message to you?
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