Are there any modules for IRC, that work with Python 3.1?

Andre Pereira icebrain at icebrain-laptop.icebrain-domain
Fri Oct 16 01:25:48 CEST 2009

Try IRC IT (II) from suckless (

ii is a minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client. It creates an irc 
directory tree with server, channel and nick name directories. In every 
directory a FIFO in file and a normal out file is created.

The in file is used to communicate with the servers and the out files 
contain the server messages. For every channel and every nick name there 
are related in and out files created. This allows IRC communication from 
command line and adheres to the Unix philosophy. example

Join a channel as follows: $ echo "/j #wmii" > in and ii creates a new 
#wmii (channel) directory with in and out files.

It's all file based, so it works in almost any programming language in the 
world :D

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