set using alternative hash function?

Anthony Tolle anthony.tolle at
Fri Oct 16 20:13:18 CEST 2009

On Oct 16, 12:24 pm, Ethan Furman <et... at> wrote:
> [snip]
> As for what you want:  No, it's not currently possible.  If it's so big
> a deal that the various methods presented don't meet with your approval,
> break out the C and write your own.  Then you could give that back to
> the community instead of your snide remarks.
> ~Ethan~

I didn't get the impression that Austin was being snide.  Instead, I
get the impression that they are someone from a different programming
background (C++/STL) who has not had sufficient exposure to the Python
way of doing things.  I believe Austin is genuinely curious as to why
Python may not implement features found in another programming

Coming from a C/C++ background myself, it took me a while to un-learn
certain idioms.  I still find myself "thinking in C" on occasion, only
to find a more elegant way to accomplish the task.

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