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Carsten Haese carsten.haese at
Sat Oct 17 02:54:07 CEST 2009

Victor Subervi wrote:
> I'm sorry. These scripts worked fine before and should have been
> plug-and-play. I have wasted 2 frustrating weeks trying to figure out
> why they don't work only to discover things that make no sense at all
> that do the trick. I thought programming was straight-forward and
> "logical"...boy, am I disappointed. Sorry for the jade.

Clearly, you're not jaded enough. When my code does things that I don't
understand, I try to understand what's going on. Your approach seems to
be to randomly mutate your code until it works. There is nothing
inherently wrong with that as long as you then try to understand *why*
it works once you get it work. You seem to have omitted this step. Since
you never understood why your code worked, consequently now you don't
understand why your code has stopped working.

> What I mean is that the code supplied merely posts a broken image, with
> the correct dimensions, interestingly enough. It makes no difference at
> all if one adds the line "print '</body></html>'" or not. I also believe
> (and hope) my initial post is pretty clear.

Actually, your original post was not clear at all. Your original post
said "This will print all sorts of crap to the screen." This is not
useful at all. The only reason why I responded at all was because I
noticed the </body></html> line in your code that clearly didn't have
any business being there. The fact that you even considered the
possibility that that line could help shows just how little you know
about what's going on in your code.

By the way, you now have changed your story from "random crap" to "a
broken image". Which one is it?

The only way we have a fighting chance to help you in figuring out
what's going in is if you post the *exact* code you're running (and by
that I mean the actual code that you know your server is executing, and
not just some code that somewhat resembles the code that the server
might be executing), a detailed description of the result you're
expecting, and a detailed description of the result you're getting instead.

Carsten Haese

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