which "dictionary with attribute-style access"?

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>Aahz wrote:
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>> Andreas Balogh  <baloand at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> My question to the Python specialists: which one is the most correct?
>>> Are there restrictions with regards to pickling or copy()?
>>> Which one should I choose?
>> What's your goal?  I'd probably do the dirt simple myself:
>> class AttrDict(dict):
>>     def __getattr__(self, attr):
>>         if attr in self:
>>             return self[attr]
>>         else:
>>             raise AttributeError
>Why the double lookup? Harking to another thread on using exceptions,
>     return self[attr]
>except KeyError:
>     raise AttributeError(attr)

For this purpose, it's almost entirely a stylistic difference; I happen
to prefer using the test, but the other way is fine, too.
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