python along or bash combined with python (for manipulating files)

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>Very sophisticated scripts are possible using bash and ksh, there is
>even a form of ksh that has tk capabilities! (tksh). The Python and
>Bourne-derived languages are however fundamentally different
>creatures, and use very different data models. You should **not**
>write Python (or Perl) scripts as if they were shell scripts -- doing
>so is very bad practice. When you want a shell script, write a shell
>script. When you write a Python script, write a Python script. It
>really is that simple.

Oh, well, I guess I follow bad practice a lot.  Shame on me.

(That is, I disagree that it's bad practice to use Python as if it were
a straight scripting language, os.system() and all.  I prefer using
Python because it makes it easy to upgrade scripts as needed.)
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