[ANN] Python(x,y) released

Pierre Raybaut contact at pythonxy.com
Sun Oct 18 20:11:20 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I'm quite pleased (and relieved) to announce that Python(x,y) version has been released. It is the first release based on Python 2.6 
-- note that Python(x,y) version number will now follow the included 
Python version (Python(x,y) vX.Y.Z.N will be based on Python vX.Y.Z).

Python(x,y) is a free Python distribution providing a ready-to-use 
scientific development software for numerical computations, data 
analysis and data visualization based on Python programming language, Qt 
graphical user interfaces (and development framework), Eclipse 
integrated development environment and Spyder interactive development 
environment. Its purpose is to help scientific programmers used to 
interpreted languages (such as MATLAB or IDL) or compiled languages 
(C/C++ or Fortran) to switch to Python.

It is now available for Windows XP/Vista/7 (as well as for Ubuntu 
through the pythonxy-linux project -- note that included software may 
differs from the Windows version):

Major changes since v2.1.17:
    * Python 2.6.3
    * Spyder 1.0.0 -- the Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment, a 
powerful MATLAB-like development environment introducing exclusive 
features in the scientific Python community 
    * MinGW 4.4.0 -- including gcc 4.4.0 and gfortran
    * Pydev 1.5.0 -- now including the powerful code analysis features 
of Pydev Extensions (formerly available as a commercial extension to the 
free Pydev plugin)
    * Enthought Tool Suite 3.3.0
    * PyQt 4.5.4 and PyQwt 5.2.0
    * VTK 5.4.2
    * ITK 3.16 -- Built for Python 2.6 thanks to the help of Charl 
Botha, DeVIDE (Delft Visualisation and Image processing Development 

Complete release notes:

- Pierre

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