problem with re.MULTILINE

MRAB python at
Sun Oct 18 21:20:20 CEST 2009

Necronymouse wrote:
> Hello i ´ve got a little problem: I ´ve this text:
> and I need to parse
> it. So i wrote this:
> patternNode = re.compile("""
> # Node (\w*).*
> (.*)""", re.MULTILINE)
> with open("test.msg", "r") as file:
>     testData =
> for Node in re.findall(patternNode, testData):
>     print "Node:", Node[0]
>     print Node
> <<<
> but it prints only one line from text. If i am using re.DOTALL it
> wouldn´t print anything.. So don´t you know whre the problem is?
I assume you mean that it's giving you only the first line of text of
each node.

"(.*)" will capture a single (and possibly empty) line of text.

"(.+\n)" will capture a single non-empty line of text ending with a

I think you want to capture multiple non-empty lines, each line ending
with a newline:

patternNode = re.compile("""
# Node (\w*).*
((?:.+\n)*)""", re.MULTILINE)

> Sorry for my English - it´s not my native language...

It's better than my Czech/Slovak (depending on what Google says)! :-)

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