flebber flebber.crue at
Mon Oct 19 01:01:30 CEST 2009


I have been searching through the vast array of python frameworks and its quite astounding the
choice available.

I am looking at using a web framework for my personal project which
isn't actually aimed at developing a website as such. However I deduce
that rather than creating a gui application and screen input for data,
I can use a web browser for this and have a great array of tools to
format input screens and output display formats.

Since I will be retreiving information from several websites (usually
csv files) formatting them and submitting them to a database and
creating queries and printouts based on them most frameworks seem to
handle this basically with ease and for any complex queries most
support SqlAlchemy.

Is it simply a case of just picking one and starting and I would find
it hard to be dissapointed or is there a few special considerations to
make, though I am unsure what they are?

Most obvious ones I am considering are Django (Of course), Pylons
includes SqlAlchemy, Sql Object and templating and I here turbogears
plans to sit on top of this platform. Zope I am considering but I am a
little confused by this. The are heaps of others but not sure how to
narrow the selection criteria.

How/Why woul you split Django and Pylons let alone the others?

Database likely to be MySQl

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