Tracking down DLL load errors in Windows ?

Mark Tolonen metolone+gmane at
Mon Oct 19 01:38:41 CEST 2009

"Fred Pacquier" <xnews2 at> wrote in message 
news:Xns9CA8B91A1519APaCmAnRDLM at
> After installing the MS redistributable DLL package -- actually I had to
> install *three* before hitting the right one (2005SP1) -- libpyexiv2
> finally loads all its dependencies.
> Of course I've still no idea why/how it ran on the first three systems
> (and most others, from the look of it) without doing anything, and not on
> this one... but at least now it works :-)

Yes, welcome to Microsoft's solution to DLL Hell...Side-by-Side DLL Hell.


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