Checking a Number for Palindromic Behavior

alex23 wuwei23 at
Mon Oct 19 07:54:16 CEST 2009

ru... at wrote:
> One, it was suggested without any evidence the the OP was
> "probably" asking about homework.  My observation over
> several years is that this group has a very poor record
> of identifying homework problems.  And if someone can
> conclude that the OPs problem was homework with no evidence,
> then I can conclude that it wasn't, without evidence,
> equally validly.

I've always seen the accusation of "homework problem" to be less about
homework and more about an attempt to get other people to provide
working code. In this case, the absence of evidence (ie posting what
code has been tried) _is_ indicative of such problems.

This isn't about being churlish, it's about not being able to identify
the experience level at which such posters are operating, about not
wasting time providing answers that have already been tried & rejected
etc etc

> As for learning better by "working it out oneself", that is
> a myth.

MRAB broke the OP's request down into already-understood-by-the-OP
operations; being able to extrapolate from that is _essential_ to
becoming a programmer. I'm not sure how you think that giving someone
an answer will ever help them be able to answer similar questions
themselves. The process followed to achieve the solution is what is
important here, not the solution itself.

Give a programmer a code fragment, and you've helped him for a day.
Teach a programmer to code, however...

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