ANNOUNCE: libmsgque 3.6 with perl support

Andreas Otto aotto1968 at
Mon Oct 19 16:35:28 CEST 2009

Dear Users,

  I would like to announce libmsgque 3.6 and PLMK 1.1

  libmsgque is an infrastructure to write programming language
  independent software using the :

    > Programming Language Micro Kernel

  architecture. Never was it so easy to write an application server 
  by your own or to extend your software from local-size to company-size.

  LibMsgque does now support software written in:

    > C, C++, C#, JAVA, Python, Tcl and    !!   Perl   !!

  available on Unix or Windows OS.

  Performance is always a story and is measured for every supported
  language on its own. Read more at:



- Add new programming language "Perl"
  The new language is added if the "--enable-perl" configure switch is used.
  Create and Install new perl module "Net::Msgque".
  Use native perl "MakeMaker" build environment to create Perl-Conform build
  and perform a Perl-Conform installation.
- The dependency for Tcl is now optional
  The Tcl language is added if the "--enable-tcl" configure switch is used.
  Be aware that the test-environment depend on Tcl
- Add asynchronous background handler
  This handler is used to process errors not belonging to a transaction in
  a centralized manner. The feature was implemented as Interface (C++,Java
  ,C#) or as configuration option (C,Perl,Python,Tcl).
- Add signature based type checking
  Non-Typed languages without usable class or inheritance type checking now
  using this feature to create type-save code. This feature is used for Tcl
  and Perl.
- Add new Performance Test environment
  The new environment using a separated directory "performance" and does
  create better results combined with a clearly arranged result-table. Read
  more in "performance/README"





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