py2exe and croatian letters

Samir Aluković a.dexterlab at
Mon Oct 19 21:19:51 CEST 2009

Mark Tolonen wrote:
> "Samir Alukovic at work" <a.dexterlab at> wrote in message 
> news:ab6475d0-133c-478d-8f08-eafea0733701 at
>> I am making a simple program in Croatian. In the beginning I set "# -
>> *- coding: cp1250 -*-" code and when i run it in Python shell it comes
>> out fine, but when i compile it with py2exe he doesn't print out
>> croatian letters but he prints out tottaly other letters. I checked
>> the CMD and it supports croatian letters. If you want an source code
>> and setup file send me an e-mail at a.dexterlab at
> Not knowing what were considered Croatian characters, I found 
> for my testing.
> Run 'chcp' from CMD and see what code page you are in.  I was able to 
> output correctly by changing the codepage from 437 (my U.S. default), to 
> 1250.  I also had to change my console window font from 'Raster Fonts' 
> to 'Lucida Console', since the former supported the cp437 character set 
> only.
> -Mark
@mark i checked and he is showing cp852.
i'll try to change the cp and then i'll inform you.

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